A personal injury case is made when a person suffers actual bodily or emotional harm which is caused by another party’s recklessness or negligence. 


Even though it is usually impossible to predict an accident and be fully conscious of the negative effects that someone’s malicious behavior can have on our mental health, the thing that any of us can do is learn how to take adequate legal steps in situations like these. 


The main purpose of pursuing the claim at this point is to get the necessary compensation that covers the existing and anticipated medical and other bills and punish the defendant for their actions to eliminate the possibility of similar future conduct. Once the paperwork for the settlement process is filed, the injured party’s attorney should negotiate with the insurance carrier and other involved individuals to reach the satisfactory amount and /or penalty that’s agreeable to everyone. 


Still, there is a common misbelief that most personal injury claims lead to lawsuits and trials when in reality, only a small percentage is terminated this way. Considering that the settlements are quicker, less stressful, more private, and give more control to the involved parties, agreeing on their terms is certainly more desirable. However, it is crucial to know whether the settlement you are about to accept includes adequate compensation, and we are here to present you with the key questions you need to ask before deciding to accept one. 


In case you wish to speak to our experienced personal injury lawyers directly, don’t hesitate to contact us now, and we will, as always, make sure to find the best possible option for your particular case. 


Does the Settlement Cover Anticipated Medical Expenses? 


This is the first question you should get an answer to, without a doubt. In most cases, an injured party will receive a settlement offer before they are fully recovered, so it is crucial to know whether there is a need for additional treatments, surgeries, or rehabilitation. In case it is determined that this is a possibility, you and your counselor need to make sure that the offered amount can cover all the medical bills – current and future ones. 


What About the Lost Wages Coverage?


If the injuries you’ve suffered from were more severe and you are now unable to perform the regular activities that include going to work, you need to be sure that the settlement offer covers all the workdays you’ve missed and are going to miss. This is a complex issue as you’ve maybe doing overtime on a regular basis, or you need to switch to a position that brings you less income. It is important not to overlook anything, and your personal injury lawyer alongside the medical team will help you calculate everything and determine the amount that covers therapy, medications, and income loss.


What Are the Other Expenses That the Settlement Should Include?


Besides the medical bills, an injured party is entitled to get compensation for the pain and suffering and overall loss of enjoyment of life. If emotional or psychological distress is an obvious result of the accident, and you’ve developed insomnia, depression, or anything similar, these damages are certainly going to impact the way you live your day-to-day life. 


It is crucial to have a team of highly qualified personal injury lawyers that can conduct the proper research and present similar cases to achieve the appropriate settlement and satisfactory sum. This is quite challenging as it is difficult to interpret ones’ suffering into a financial fact, yet this is a widespread practice for a resourceful lawyer.


Even though the eventual property damage isn’t as important as your health, this matter shouldn’t be neglected. Whether you need a vehicle repair due to a car crash or any other material possession got damaged, you have a legal right to get satisfactory compensation for any of it. 


How Does the Settlement Acceptance Affect a Claim for Punitive Damages?


Before signing a settlement document, you need to check whether you are entitled to punitive damages besides the compensatory ones. If your injuries are a direct result of someone’s negligent behavior and extreme recklessness, then you probably fit the category. 


The main reason the defendant is punished on this occasion is to simply prevent similar things from happening in the future, and the obtained amount in these particular cases might be double or triple the sum reached for the economic and non-economic damages combined. 


Still, once you accept the settlement, you lose your right to seek a punitive claim as well, so always make sure to consult the experienced professionals and get the full compensation you deserve. 


When and Why Do I Need a Personal Injury Lawyer?


Even though you are not legally obliged to have a lawyer handling your personal injury case, the fact is that the chances to get the compensation you are hoping for are certainly higher if having a serious attorney by your side. 


Sometimes you’ll need just professional advice and guidance from an experienced attorney, but in most cases, there are a myriad of complex rules and evidence gathering procedures that you’ll probably fail to follow and obtain without having an in-depth knowledge of personal injury law. 


When it comes to negotiating about the settlement conditions with the insurance company or at-fault party, it is highly recommended to hire a trained attorney who is going to play in your team exclusively and get you the fair compensation that will cover any current and future expenses. 


We at The Madrala Law Firm offer precisely that and much more, as we are a team of committed individuals who will stand by your side from the start ‘till the finish. We will listen to your needs carefully and respond to any questions you may have. From helping you collect the necessary documentation to systematically gathering the essential pieces of evidence and interviewing the crucial witnesses, you will have a team of people ready to go above and beyond to make things right. 


In short, we will act in your best interest and make sure to help you get through this usually stressful process without much frustration, so feel free to contact us today as we can’t wait to meet you and hear you out.