Employment law is one of the essential sets of regulations that has an incredibly powerful purpose – to protect employees from any type of physical and mental harm and to create a meaningful bond between the employer and an employee. By following the well-established rules of the given law, both parties can truly enjoy doing their tasks and spending the working hours in the same environment. It all comes to a single key ingredient that we all desire to have and give – respect. 


In reality, the situation is often different as the employers often misuse their position and don’t treat their staff adequately, or don’t react when an employee is going through some sort of harassment in the workplace. Therefore, as you as an employee have a genuine desire to be efficient and proactive in doing your daily tasks, it is equally important to know your legal rights and recognize instantly when any of them has been disregarded. 


It is highly surprising and unusual how many employees don’t know with certainty what their rights are, and we constantly strive to change that fact. This is why we are here today eager to present you with some obvious examples of employment law breaches that require immediate legal action. If you are currently looking for this kind of service, feel free to contact our employment law attorneys in Las Vegas now, and we promise to hear you out and fight on your side until you return your peace of mind. 


Common Example of Discrimination When Legal Counseling Is Necessary 


As we mentioned before, you firstly need to comprehend what’s defined as an unlawful act in order to put an end to it. Workplace harassment is, unfortunately, quite a common occurrence, but due to its complexity and overall acceptance through the centuries, it is also difficult to recognize it as such. 


Let’s begin with racial harassment which includes racial insults, jokes, degrading comments, or intolerance of differences based on your ethnicity, skin color, race, but also customs, accents, beliefs, and so on. As you can see, the list goes on and on, but the point is clear. No one has the right to make you feel bad and less important due to your racial specifications. 


Gender harassment is in decline but is still very present. Negative gender stereotypes for both men and women are considered discriminatory as they could affect an employee’s mental state. Other forms of harassment include those based on sexual orientation, age, disability, and religion. 


Now, there are more main categories like psychological, physical, sexual, power harassment, retaliation, and others, so it is clear why these things can pass unnoticed. We encourage you to contact our employment law attorneys in Las Vegas if you suspect that you’ve been subjected to any of the given harassment situations, and we will gladly clarify everything for you as our experience and knowledge are here to serve solely you. 


Breach of Employment Contract – It Happens More Often Than You Think


This legally binding written agreement is created to protect the interests of both employees and employers addressing the terms and conditions of the working relationship between them alongside the given responsibilities and rights. 


Even though some of the minor breaches can be resolved internally and therefore don’t require legal proceedings, there are cases where hiring an employment law attorney is the only way to protect yourself as an employee. 


Each employee has particular minimum rights established by the statute like minimum wage and paid holidays, but if the greater rights are determined in the contract, the employer is obliged to respect them. In this case, the employee is eligible to claim compensation throughout the court. The same rule applies in case the employee’s pay is cut or the working conditions are changed without their agreement.


There are various examples of contact breaches by the employer, so if you are not sure whether you are eligible to file a claim, feel free to get in touch with our employment law attorneys in Las Vegas and get the financial compensation you deserve. As the amount can be significantly lower than with the other cases like wrongful termination or harassment, we will make sure to build a solid case that could prove far more unlawful actions than it seems at the first glance. 


When Are You Faced with the Wrongful Termination? 


One of the major contract breaches that a lot of employees were faced with at least once in their lives is wrongful termination. Why are we addressing the wrongful termination as a part of the contract violation? 


Well, the reason for that is because Nevada is an ‘’at-will’’ employment state, and if you haven’t signed a contract that clearly defines the terms of the employment and grounds for termination, you can be fired at any point (there are certain exceptions like firing on discriminative bases and retaliation against the employee’s legally protected action). This is why it is crucial to be fully aware of what piece of the document you are signing before starting to work. 


As retaliation and wrongful termination are usually intersected, it is crucial to know what things you can do that won’t result in retaliation firing. Besides reporting any unlawful conduct like harassment, working hours, and wage violations, you can exercise your employee’s rights without the fear of getting fired. Among other things, those include using your sick and medical leave, requesting accommodation for disabilities, or refusing to obey a discriminatory order, and so on. 


To prove a wrongful termination and retaliation, you need to present valid and solid evidence, and this is precisely where our experienced employment law attorneys in Las Vegas can help you. We will make sure that you are taken seriously and that violating your employee rights was a huge mistake. 


We’ve been representing clients from various industries in any area regarding the employment law, so you can be sure that we are equipped with enough knowledge, experience, resources, and determination to help you come out from the stressful and unpleasant situation as a winner. After all, we are always on your side and will remain there for as long as you need us!