Even though everyone is aware of the fact that drunk driving is a felony, it is often not enough to prevent people from getting behind the wheel intoxicated. In a city like Las Vegas that attracts millions of people who wish to have some fun, these unfortunate events are even more frequent, no matter the fact that there are plenty of transportation options to choose from when you are incapable of safe driving. 


There is no way we can influence a stranger to behave responsibly and according to the given law, but what we can do if in the middle of a drunk driving accident is react accordingly to protect ourselves and the others. This is why it is crucial to be familiar with the good protocol and practices that we should stick to after being faced with one of the most stressful occurrences in our lives. 


Therefore, after you pull yourself together and assess the situation, the first thing to do is to call the authorities and ambulance if needed. Before you talk to the police, the wisest thing to do is turn to a trusted Las Vegas drunk driving accident lawyer who will provide professional advice on what to do in this complicated and overwhelming process. Keep in mind that anything you say to the authorities could be later used against you, no matter your role in the accident, and this is exactly why talking to your attorney first is extremely important. 


You’ll Get Crucial First-Hand Information and Advice


It is not a secret that laws are often complex and difficult to understand, but luckily there are legal professionals who have an in-depth knowledge of their regulations and know very well which of those you should address in any given situation. 


When it comes to drunk driving accidents, the situation is even more delicate as you’ve been put under great danger and stress, so it is quite normal that you’ll need some professional guidance to get through the whole procedure.


All these crucial questions about liability, insurance, bills coverage, and the possibility of pain and suffering damage compensation will be easily and adequately answered by an experienced drunk driving lawyer. Depending on the given circumstances, your attorney will provide advice that you will benefit from the most, preventing any possibility of your legal rights being disregarded.


A Good Attorney Knows How to Conduct a Proper Investigation


If you were in any way participating in a drunk driving accident, you should take some photos at the scene and gather additional information like the other driver’s name, plate number, and contact details. Still, trying to talk reasonably with an intoxicated person is usually impossible, or victims tend to forget about this due to the great amount of stress or are simply prevented from doing so due to serious injuries. 


This is why having an attorney by your side in these situations is beneficial. Any drunk driving accident lawyer is trained to properly gather the crucial pieces of evidence that will back up the claims later in settlement or court procedures. 


To prove the other party’s liability and get the compensation you require to continue leaving your life as normal as possible, the first thing to do is degerming that the driver was drunk. Your attorney can get the results of the blood tests and therefore, obtain a crucial piece of evidence. Anything from CCTV footage from the surrounding area to the eyewitness testimonials can be essential in the accident reconstruction, but a curious and trained eye of an attorney will not miss any details that could be useful to build a strong case. 


Our Medrala Law Firm Las Vegas drunk driving accident lawyers are highly qualified and experienced when it comes to these unfortunate events, and we assure you that our team invests all their time, energy, and resources to help you bring a perpetrator to justice. 


Leaving Communication with Insurance Provider to an Experienced Legal Professional


Like any other business structure, insurance companies are finding ways to minimize their financial losses which often results in victims of drunk driving accidents being inadequately compensated. Since legal representatives are well-aware of this fact, you can rest assured that they will do their best to prevent this from happening. 


Talking to an insurance provider by yourself is not advisable since they can use various tactics to misshape your statement and conclusion, and therefore, put you in a bad position. Our Las Vegas drunk driving accident lawyers are excellent negotiators, but most importantly, they will fight aggressively to ensure you get what you are legally entitled to. 


Settlement Negotiations 


It is often difficult to determine the exact amount you’ll need to cover the financial damage after the accident, but an experienced lawyer knows which factors to consider and calculate all the expenses as accurately as possible. 


Your attorney will base the worth of your personal injury claim and prove your eligibility by addressing the gathered documents and evidence. Depending on the given circumstances of the accident, you can be eligible for previous and future medical bills, material damage compensation, lost wages, and of course, pain and suffering. 


Keep in mind that even a minor injury can keep you away from work for some time and require rehabilitation, so make sure to share all the details with your lawyer and avoid having financial loss due to someone else’s negligence. 


Filing a Lawsuit 


As Nevada is an at-fault state, a drunk driver will surely be adequately punished, but what if the negotiations are fruitless as the insurance company doesn’t offer satisfactory compensation? In situations like these, you’ll need a trustworthy and well-versed team of lawyers representing your interests in court. 


Our Medrala Law Las Vegas drunk driving accident lawyers are specialized in any form of litigation, so you can rest assured that we will not give up until you are fully satisfied with the outcome. After all, we are here for you and you only, and this is a precise reason why so many Las Vegas citizens and visitors who went through a traumatic car accident already gave us their trust.