All around the U.S, people are getting physically or emotionally injured due to other party’s negligence regularly, and many of those will confirm that this was probably one of the most stressful events in their lives. 


No matter if there was a slip and fall or major or minor car accidents, these unfortunate events can leave scars on our mental and physical health. Besides causing immense financial losses due to the inability to work or a requirement for prolonged medical care, we could lose overall enjoyment of life and feel unable to move on with the daily activities. 


Still, there are certain things that you can do to mitigate the risks of being seriously financially and emotionally harmed in the accident aftermath, and turning to a reputable personal injury law firm that you can put your trust in and rely on is surely one of them. 


The first step towards fruitful collaboration is being able to communicate effortlessly and effectively with the given attorney, and this is the exact topic we are about to cover today. We will present you with the crucial questions that you need to ask a personal injury lawyer of your interest which will help you recognize and determine a good candidate based on the answers you get. 


In case you are in a rush and on the lookout for an outstanding legal representative, we encourage you to contact our Medrala personal injury lawyers’ team and get the legal counseling and services that you can truly benefit from. 


1. Do You Have Experience in Cases Like Mine?


When it comes to personal injury cases, having a lawyer who was already faced with a similar or same case is one of the main things to consider. Most well-educated lawyers are often specialized in various personal injury cases categories, so make sure to select the lawyer who specifies your case as the one that he or she had previously handled. 


2. What Is Your Success Rate?


It is beneficial if the given lawyer has a high success rate as this is a clear sign that you’ve encountered a committed and motivated professional who will go a step further to help you win the case. This is how you’ll determine that their negotiating and litigation skills are at the highest level, but most importantly, that this is an individual who is fierce, decisive, and confident which are all the traits of a lawyer you wish to have by your side. 


3. How Much Do You Charge?


The way that personal injury law firms charge for their services differs from one to another. The majority works on a contingency fee which means that they’ll be paid if the amount from the claim is recovered, why some will ask you to cover the costs no matter what’s the outcome. 


The percentage of the fee depends on the personal injury law firm’s status, so make sure to ask how the given company does business before you hire them. 


4. Are You Able to Commit to My Case Entirely?


It is a well-known fact that successful lawyers are packed with cases and can sometimes promise to dedicate 100% but fail due to the lack of time or resources. 


Therefore, entrusting a larger personal injury law firm with your case is wiser than going for private practice. In establishments like these, lawyers tend to work as a team where each of them will invest the given knowledge from the personal area of expertise. The timing and an adequate strategy are crucial points, so having a team of well-versed individuals who have the same goal is surely a good starting point. 


5. What Is the Rough Estimate of My Case’s Worth?


As it is unethical and therefore impossible for a lawyer to give you a precise answer to this question, a good attorney will make sure to provide you with an estimate based on your previous experiences and the factual pieces of evidence and documents related to your case. Still, make sure to avoid attorneys who are overpromising and present you with estimates that are not realistic.


6. How Long Will It Take to Resolve My Case?


This is another question that you can’t get a fully precise answer to, but you can hope to get another rough estimate. As you wish to find a team that will invest all their energy, time, and resources to deal with your case, you and your lawyers would have the same goal – coming to the resolution as fast as possible. Of course, this doesn’t mean that any steps that include thorough investigation and careful evidence gathering should be hasty in any matter, but a team can work pretty fast to collect the needed documentation as this is a routine job for experienced professionals. 


7. Are You Ready to Go to Trial If Needed?


Quick settlements are never a good solution as your case should be solidly constructed so that it could go to trial if needed. Even though settlements are frequent in personal injury cases, you must find a lawyer who is experienced in litigation and is ready to follow your lead if you are not fully satisfied with the settlement terms. 


8. How Much Will I Be Included in the Lawsuit?


For most clients, having a lawyer that will represent their interests without them being overly involved is desirable, yet you might feel differently. Also, lawyers have their way of preparing and building the case, so make sure to find the team that corresponds with your likes. 


Building a strong and meaningful relationship with your lawyer is quite necessary, no matter how much you wish to be involved in the whole process, and this is the exact thing we offer at Medrala Law Firm. From the moment you contact us and share the details of your personal injury case with us, you can expect straightforward and honest communication followed by a strategy that will help you get the compensation you deserve or win that case in trial. 


All you need to do is send us a message or email, and we will make sure to get back to you in the shortest time possible. Ready to get what you are legally entitled to? We know we are!