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Even though most of us hope for the best and don’t think that something bad will happen once we hit the road, it is a fact that we don’t know with certainty that every individual included in the traffic is responsible and cautious as we tend to be. 

The state of Nevada has harsh but fair regulations related to this matter that contributed to the positive statistics of drunk driving accidents being in decline, yet it is crucial to know how to act adequately if you’ve been involved in such a matter.  

Needless to say, any car, motorbike, or pedestrian accident is incredibly stressful, but those which include drunk drivers are potentially more dangerous due to the at-fault party’s obvious recklessness and complete loss of control. 

To be sure that you’ll be adequately compensated for the pain, suffering, injuries, and/or property loss, it is of utmost importance to have an experienced drunk driving accident lawyer by your side. This is the precise area where our Medrala lawyers have proven their efficiency and commitment multiple times as, unfortunately, Las Vegas is an environment where these accidents happen too often. Therefore, feel free to contact us today as we promise nothing less than superb legal counseling and services. 

Proving Liability Is What We Do Best

If you wish to file a personal injury claim and get the compensation you deserve, the first step is determining the other party’s liability. This is often difficult if you are not familiar with the overall procedure, so you can leave everything to our lawyers and rest assured that they will do an excellent job. This is why it is highly advisable to get in touch with us immediately after you’ve contacted the police and ambulance.

The crucial thing is to show proof of damages and breach of duty, and our attorneys will use all the available resources to do this right. We will gain access to the traffic cameras, speed radars, and other evidence that can be taken into account to reconstruct the events that led to the accident, but most importantly, we will track down the essential witnesses that can back up the story. 

As this stage includes gathering vital pieces of information that later on needs to be translated into a written document, this is the part on which we put all our focus and commit to doing a thorough job, without exceptions. 

Settlement or Lawsuit – We Will Follow Your Lead

When it comes to a personal injury settlement, you must be aware that the at-fault’s party insurance company doesn’t work in your best interest. This is why you need to advise our trustworthy drunk driver lawyer before you agree to settle on a certain sum. 

The given settlement must cover everything from current and future medical bills, lost wages, suffering, pain, and property loss, so the amount that will be enough must be firstly well-calculated. This is the procedure that our attorneys are incredibly skilled at, so you can be sure that we will propose and negotiate the compensation you will be satisfied with. 

In case you are not ready to agree on anything and wish to file a lawsuit, our team will stand by your side and commit to helping you win that case no matter what. Even though this procedure can last longer than expected, we will make sure that you go through it without stress and worry. 

Ready to Talk to Our Drunk Driver Accident Lawyers? We Are Ready to Hear You Out!

The reason why we are one of the most trusted teams of lawyers in Nevada is that we dedicate ourselves to each client entirely and do our job with passion but without fear. It is our primal goal to give you what you are legally entitled to and will not back off until you are content with the outcome. After all, ensuring your peace of mind is not only our job but also a moral and ethical responsibility. 

Feel free to contact us via the online form or phone now, and we promise a proactive and rapid response.

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