It happens very often that employers subject their employees to illegal and unfair conditions, and due to the fear of loss of wages and benefits, the employees rather don’t speak up. There is also a great percentage of employees who are not fully familiar with their rights at the workplace, and therefore fail to act properly when treated wrongfully. 

Here at The Medrala Law Firm, PLLC, we understand how serious employment issues can be and how such issues often require immediate attention. We represent employees in all aspects of employment law, including litigation of employment disputes. If you are an employee who has been discriminated against, sexually harassed, or wrongfully terminated, we can help you.

Whether you need professional advice or are determined to file a suit and need a team of experienced attorneys to build a solid case, we will provide a legal representation that you can fully count on. 

We understand how negotiating employment agreements or severance packages can be uncomfortable for you, so you can leave it to us and avoid stressful confrontations. The circumstances are even more delicate if you’ve suffered any form of discrimination based on your race, religion, ethnicity, disability, and so on, and these are the situations where you undoubtedly require a well-versed lawyer who will know how to obtain the right information and use it in your benefit.

We routinely represent employees in the following areas:

  • Wrongful termination 
  • Discrimination
  • Sexual harassment 
  • Retaliation 
  • Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Wage and hour disputes
  • Collective actions
  • Breach of contract disputes 

We represent employees from a variety of industries and backgrounds. These include at-will employees, executives and professionals, government officials, and federal employees, as well as independent contractors. 

Whichever industry you are in, being wrongfully fired is never a pleasant experience and it is often perceived as a life-changing occurrence. After we review all the details of your case, we will provide a thorough explanation of your legal rights and present you with the best possible option. Even when the employer broke the law, the case is often quite complex as their actions are defended by the company’s attorneys, as well. This is where we step in and make sure that everyone takes you seriously. Also, we encourage our future clients to reach out to us as soon as the issue arises, since there is a limited amount of time to take the proper action due to the deadlines included in the employment law. 

We are especially well equipped to deal with the prevalent issue of unpaid wages and overtime as it occurs in any type of industry and job whatsoever. Your employer could deny a final paycheck after the termination or classify your position as salaried instead of overtime pay. In situations like these, it is crucial to understand what you’ve owed and recover it through legal action. We have helped many clients do the same, so feel free to contact us today as we will certainly help you get what belongs to you.  

If you are looking for a team of highly qualified lawyers who will be by your side from the beginning until the end of the usually bothersome procedure, we are standing at your service. From helping you gather the proper documentation that proves the illegal motives, to working with various government departments and agencies to support your claim, our lawyers will always take an extra mile to protect you in the name of the law. 

Still, our vast experience in employment law is crucial as this is an area that’s constantly evolving and it’s prone to ambivalence. You can get a free consultation with our experts by filling the form provided on our website, and we promise to get back to you in the shortest time possible. 

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