Local Counsel/Domestication of Foreign Subpoenas and Judgments

Our law firm routinely serves as local counsel for businesses and individuals with civil disputes in Nevada. Whether the matter involves a business, real estate, employment, personal injury, or other type of civil litigation, we will always provide out-of-state attorneys with the indispensable expertise and assistance.

We are experienced and very familiar with the Local Rules of the United States District Court of Nevada, as well as the Nevada state court rules. Depending on the requirements of the case, we can tailor our assistance to better fit out-of-state law firms’ needs. Often, the out-of-state attorneys ask us to act as the lead counsel responsible for substantial aspects of the case, such as preparation of pleadings, moving papers, court appearances, and depositions; other times, we will handle formalities.

In addition, our law firm has extensive experience in domestication and enforcement of foreign subpoenas and judgments in Nevada.

Nevada has adopted the Uniform Interstate Depositions and Discovery Act (UIDDA), which provides simple procedures for Nevada courts to domesticateforeign subpoenas. However, because of the local requirements, the Nevada process slightly differs from those adopted by other states.

Similarly, we also provide assistance in domestication and enforcement of foreign judgments in Nevada, whether such judgments originate in the United States or abroad.

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