The Medrala Personal Injury Law Firm Las Vegas has recovered millions of dollars in settlements and judgments for our personal injury clients. We have a proven track record of success handling even the most difficult cases.


The Medrala Law Firm is dedicated to representing accident and injury victims in Nevada and California. No matter how challenging or complicated your case may be, The Medrala Law Firm will go the extra mile to make sure that you receive compensation you deserve.


The Medrala Law Firm Firm has achieved impeccable reputation and is the recipient of multiple industry awards, consistent five-star reviews, and, most of all, has been recognized by its clients as one of the top law firms in Nevada.


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About Jakub

Jakub P. Medrala

Jakub P. Medrala is the founder and attorney of The Medrala Law Firm, PLLC. Jakub is an experienced litigator and trial attorney.

He represents businesses and individuals in matters primarily related to all aspects of business law, civil litigation, real property law, employment law, and personal injury. His passions are travel, suing, and skiing.

Founder and attorney of The Medrala Law Firm, PLLC.

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With the utmost understanding of each case, and scenario, we take the best efforts to achieve our client’s objectives.


We offer proactive, innovative practice solutions that put focus on planning and long-term goal setting .


We not only represent our clients at trial, but also continue to advocate on their behalf at all levels of appeal, if necessary.


Our in-depth real estate law services is comprised of a full range of transactions and disputes.


If you are an employee who has been discriminated against, sexually harassed, or wrongfully terminated, we can help you.


Our law firm routinely serves as local counsel for businesses and individuals with civil disputes in Nevada.

Practice Areas

Personal Injury Law Firm

Unlike many other attorneys who are looking for a quick settlement, we will not settle for less. If we have to go the extra mile, we will do it, even if it involves filing and litigating long and expensive legal battles against the powerful. We handle all different types of personal injury cases and specialize in the following areas:

  • Car Accidents
  • Motorcycle Accidents
  • Truck Accidents
  • Boating Accidents
  • Bus Accidents
  • Brain Injuries
  • Passenger Injuries
  • Slip and Fall Accidents
  • Pedestrian Accidents
  • Construction Zone Accidents
  • Dog Bites
  • Workplace Accidents
  • Bicycle Accidents
  • Drunk Driving Accidents
  • Underinsured/Uninsured
  • Road Rage
About Us

Medrala Law Firm

Utilizing the latest technology and implementing innovative practice solutions, The Medrala Law Firm, PLLC, is dedicated to helping individuals achieve their dreams and businesses reach their goals by delivering maximum value while consistently exceeding expectations.

We are committed to legal excellence and the utmost satisfaction of our clients.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 1 : What do I do after an accident? 

Contact us and schedule a free consultation to go over your case in detail. After the consultation, we will be Abel to tell you about your chances to recover compensation for your injuries and what you can expect from the case. 

Q. 2 : Do I have a case if I do not feel hurt?

You may still have a case even if you do not feel injured immediately after the accident. It is very likely that you may develop symptoms hours or even days after the accident.  You should consult a doctor even if you do not feel pain, because some of the most serious conditions develop over time. 

Q. 3 : How much time do I have to file a personal injury case? 

In Nevada a personal injury case needs to be filed within 2 years from the accident. However, you should pursue your claim as soon as possible to make sure that evidence is not lost. This will help prove liability and asses the scope of your damages. 

Q. 4 : How much is my personal injury case worth? 

Each case is different and the potential recovery depends on the specific nature of the accident and your injuries. This can only be determined after a through analysis of the case and assessment of your injuries. 

Q. 5 : How long will to take to settle my claim? 

The majority of cases resolve in a settlement with the defendant or his insurance company and very few cases end up in trial. Unfortunately, the timeline to reach a settlement is difficult to predict and varies depending on circumstances. In addition, because many injuries cannot be evaluated weeks or even months or years after the accident, some cases may take years to settle. An average case, however, settles within 4-12 months after the accident. 

Q. 6 : How do I pay my medical bills? 

If you work with an attorney, l attorney liens are used when a plaintiff cannot afford to wait for a settlement or jury award. This helps the injured parties obtain the medical treatment they need without having to come out of pocket to pay medical bills. 

Q. 7 : Do I need a lawyer for a personal injury case?

Sometimes, you may be capable of handling a claim through insurance or Small Claims Court against the other party on your own. Other times, you may want to seek the advice and assistance of a qualified legal professional. It all depends on the circumstances of your case and the severity of your injuries. Hiring an experienced lawyer gives you many benefits such as professional advice, guidance, handling of paperwork, and access to qualified medical professionals who will treat your injuries on an attorney lien. Also, generally insurance companies will not treat your case with the attention it requires when they know that you are not represented. Their job is to pay you as little as possible, while an attorney’s job is to make sure that your injuries are fully compensated. 

Q. 8 : How do I pay for a lawyer in a personal injury case? 

Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about the money to pay for legal representation. The Medrala Law Firm takes cases at no charge up front and we earn our fee when we obtain a settlement or a judgment for you. Thus, if you don’t get anything from your case, neither do we. 

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    Excellent lawyer, very professional. He helped me with my car accident and medical needs. From our first consultation to the last, I was always well informed, he always made sure...

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